Exhibition + Artist Book
Hošek Contemporary, Berlin and Superfluo, Milan, 2021

'Expect truth but not beauty.'

     ‘Pro Bono Malum’ is how Ludovico Ariosto’s epic poem Orlando Furioso ends.
An allegory of a modern man who needs madness to survive himself. A body that is ill, insane, searching its senses, so lost that it has landed on the Moon. The lunar landscape is described as the accumulation of objects abandoned on earth, becoming an opportunity to ironise about the vanity of human occupations and the reliance on magical nonsense.
A collection of plasters lost in Milan is creating new constellations above the light of the moon investing the Hošek Contemporary. A celestial map of forgotten objects will substitute the Zodiac Man, an archetype of our body, redesigning its shape and symbolic narrative. The psychosomatic body will thus be brought to light, its pain dissected and its sense rediscovered, in order to not forget itself, again.

     The site-specific exhibition focuses on the characteristics of the Motor Ship Heimatland, which resonate with a sound installation realised in collaboration with Luca Longobardi.
A satellite exhibition at Superfluo in Milan is linking the two spaces as the bounded Moon-Earth couple. The moonscape, whose metaphor celebrates absence, will be inhabited by the performers Heather Green and Marco Labellarte, who will interpret the artist's vision through their bodies in different times during the exhibition period.

     The Vergissmeinnicht Artist Book will guide the visitor on this journey between the body and the cosmos, thanks to its transparent pages merging with the reader's hands. The book includes texts by the artist himself, Philipp Lange, Superfluo and Petr Hošek. Edited by Linda Toivio

Hošek Contemporary . Berlin