Marco Siciliano (b. 1991, Caltagirone, IT) lives and work in Berlin where he’s currently studing sculpture under Monica Bonvicini at the Universität der Künste. He previously graduated from the Politecnico di Milano in 2017 with a degree in interior design.

His research is deeply rooted in the study of literature and architecture and is expressed through a multidisciplinary approach.

Siciliano’s work explores the boundaries between private and public realms. On this threshold, body and space, seduced by psychological pain, live through the inability to reach the optimal distance to interact and not hurt each other.

Serial accumulation of recurring subjects is another leitmotif in Siciliano’s work, where each series creates an architecture of memory inside the pages of artists’ books.


2019 - Ongoing _ BA Fine Arts - Sculpture, Universität der Künste Berlin - Monica Bonvicini Class, Berlin (DE)

2013 - 2017 _ MA Interior Design, Politecnico di Milano (IT)

2016 _ Erasmus Exchange Program, Ecole Camondo - Parigi (FR)

2010 - 2013 _ BA Interior Design, Politecnico di Milano (IT)


2022 _ Rundgang 2022 - Bonvicini Class     [group]
             Universität der Künste Berlin (DE), curated by Monica Bonvicini

2022 _ ‘Paradise Is Exactly Like Where You Are Right Now Only Much, Much Better’     [group]
              Palazzo Franzone Spinola di Luccoli, Torino (IT), curated by Marta Orsola Sironi and Virginia Lupo

2021 _ Mentirosa     [duo with Bruno Marrapodi]
              Espai Souvenirs, Barcelona (SP), curated by ValentinaCasacchia and Mariella Franzoni

2021 _ Vergißmeinnicht    [solo]
              Mala Voadora, Porto (PT), curated by Petr Hošek

2021 _ Una Giornata Particolare with Archivio Magazine    [solo]
              Verona Art Fair, Verona (IT), curated by Ginevra Bria

2021 _ KRU     [group]
              Vôtre - Palazzo del Medico, Carrara (IT), curated by Chiara Guidi and Gloria Amorena

2021 _ Vergißmeinnicht     [solo]
              Hošek Contemporary, Berlin (DE)

2021 _ Vergißmeinnicht     [solo]
              Superfluo, Milano (IT), curated by Andrea Cancellieri

2020 _ A-I-R Project - Artist Residency Program Final Exhibition     [solo]
              FuturDome, Milano (IT), curated by Atto Belloli Ardessi

2020 _ SEXXX&POP - L’immaginario erotico in Italia dalla rivoluzione sessuale al porno digitale     [group]
              Fabbrica del Vapore, Milano (IT), curated by Pier Giorgio Carizzoni

2019 _ Blowindow     [solo]
              Edicola Radeztky, Milano (IT), curated by Fiorella Fontana

2019 _ Take a Pause     [solo]
              Alte Munze, Berlino (DE), curated by Pornceptual

2018 _ RoseOverdose     [solo]
              FuturDome, Milano (IT), curated by Ginevra Bria and Atto Bellloli Ardessi

2018 _ HabitatVivo     [group]
              Milano Design Week, Milano (IT), Curata da 1:1 Project

2017 _ L’estetica della Miseria     [group]
              Palazzo Litta, Milano (IT), curated by Michele De Lucchi and Andrea Branzi


2022 _ Terranera
             Parco dei Sesi, Pantelleria (IT), curated by Giorgia Panseca & Caterina Licitra

2021 _ HOME SWAP
              mala voadora, Porto (PT), curated by Peter Hošek

2020 _ A-I-R Project - Artist Residency Program            
             FuturDome, Milan (IT), curated by Atto Belloli Ardessi


2021 _ 48 Stunden Berlin by Thomas Wochniks, Tegel Spiegel Berlin (DE)

2021 _ Tra strade di città e costellazioni by Giorgia Cito, Urbano Magazine (IT)

2021 _ MENTIROSA: la malinconia dell’erotismo by Giacomo Nicolella Maschietti, Artlife (IT)

2021 _ How to Build a Connection to Commons Feelings by Gianluca Gramolazzi, Made in Mind Magazine (IT)

2021 _ Superfluo e Marco Siciliano: Bello Bellissimo by Laura Cantale, Balloon (IT)

2021 _ ‘Bello Bellissimo // Marco Siciliano’, Forme Uniche (IT)

2021 _ La prossemica dell’istinto: l’arte multidisciplinare di Marco Siciliano by Marco Latorre, Icon Magazine (IT)

2020 _ Intervista a Marco Siciliano: la residenza a Futurdome a Milano e i suoi libri d’artista by Giulia Ottaviano, Artribune (IT)

2020 _ 8 denari – La Prossemica di Marco Siciliano, by Nicola Nitido, Artwort (IT)

2019 _ Take A Pause by Marco Siciliano, by Pornceptual (DE)

2019 _ Noi, gli inquilini di FuturDome by Paolo Robaudi, Corriere della Sera (IT)


2021 _ Art Verona - 16th Edition, Verona Fiere, Verona (IT), curated by Stefano Raimondi

2018 _ ASS BOOK FAIR, Palais De Tokyo, Parigi (FR), curated by Vincet Simon

2017 _SPRINT - Salone del libro d’artista indipendente, Spazio Maiocchi, Milano (IT)


from the 8 Denari, collage series, Milan, 2022
Private Collection, Rome (IT)

from the 8 Denari, collage series, Milan, 2021
Private Collection, Milan (IT)

from the 8 Denari, collage series, Milan, 2021
Private Collection, Milan (IT)

60 cm

from the 8 Denari, collage series, Milan, 2017
Private Collection, Sacramento, CA (USA)

Chewing-Gum collage series, Milan, 2018
Private Collection, Milan (IT)

11 Chewing-Gum
Sculpture, Milan, 2018
Private Collection, Milan (IT)