Milan/Berlin, 2021

A shibari knot, a Japanese bondage technique, holds the body of the Vergissmeinnicht Artist Book, symbolizing the constriction of a body that, once released, can no longer be confined.
Inside two plates of opaque plexiglass, we find a file of unbound transparent paper that allows the images and writings to complement and overlap each other.

The artist’s book, starting from Ludovico Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso, analyzed the human body as a meeting point between the cosmos and the unconscious, revealing connections between medieval medicine and psychosomatic pain.

The book includes texts by Philipp Lange, Superfluo, and Petr Hošek.
Edited by Linda Toivio.

Limited edition 20 + 1 AP. Handmade and signed by the artist. Printed on tracing paper 90 gr, cover from plexiglass, bounded with silver thread, contains a pocket with forget-me-not (lat. Myosotis) flower seeds.180 x 250 x 150 mm