Una Giornata ParticolareArtist Book in collaboration with Archivio Magazine
Curated by Ginevra Bria at ArtVerona Fair, Verona, 2021

For each issue, Archivio Magazine asks a writer to interpret with a fictitious story a selected archive made only by images without any information.

For the 5th limited edition of ‘Una Giornata Particolare,’ the process is inverted, and all the images are removed, leaving the task of recreating the visuals to the text only. The presences of objects that usually accumulate in a book emerge in contrast with light, as visual elements restored through the watermark technique.

The final piece, a combination of handmade and industrial paper, is enclosed in a light semi-transparent white marble cover. Ultimately, the book is completed with a ‘dusty antique book’ smell developed in collaboration with a “nose” to convey access to one’s ancestral memories by leafing through an unexpected and familiar archive.