Una Giornata Particolare - Archivio Magazine

Verona Art Fair, Verona, 2021

Site-specific installatio for ‘Pages’ section curated by Ginevra Bria ArtVerona Fair, Verona, 2021

For the event we presented also a special edition of Archivio 5 made with handmade paper.
On the pages all images have been removed while retaining the texts.

The watermarks of objects that are usually stored in a book appear against the light. Dates and signatures, bookmarks, underlining, faded passport photos, dried flowers, and receipts with prices in lire; intimate signs that give personality and history to those mass-produced items now made unique.

It is an archive of gestures and personalities inside yellowed pages. An unexpected archive.

The starting point for the collaboration with Archivio Magazine is a statement by the photographer Letizia Battaglia. She indicated “the balconies of Palermo with the sheets stretched out to demonstrate against the Mafia, after the death of Falcone and Borsellino” as an image to describe her 1990s.