Milan, 2019

The photographic series is inspired by the Histoire de l'œil - Georges Bataille, where Maurice, the protagonist of a chapter, hides inside a wardrobe that is unable to hide her sexual pleasures.
The focus is fetishistically only on the parts of things, in their isolation these images become a sort of abstraction. Together, they propose possible narratives that can change or simply disappear with the rearrangement of a few images.
Digital and analogue photographs of intimate places between Milan, Vienna and Sicily are alternate with book scans. They play with our propensity to find connection and meaning even in the most unrelated of elements.

Like a sleepwalker she crossed the room, reached a large Norman wardrobe and locked herself in, after whispering something in Simone's ear. She wanted to masturbate in that closet and pleaded that she be left alone.[...]
And suddenly something incredible happened, a strange sound of water followed by the appearance first of a thread, then of a rivet under the closet door: the unfortunate Marcelle pissed masturbating closed in the closet. [...]
But soon the unhappy Marcelle was heard sobbing all alone and louder and louder in the makeshift pisser that served as her prison.”

                   Histoire de l'œil - Georges Bataille