Edicola Radetzky, Milan, 2020

As the breath mists up a glass
too close to our gaze, so the
opalescent display cases
conceal its contents.

The eye is lost in the paradoxical
enjoyment of not focusing,
in observing an incognito action,
a momentary disappearance of
simulated presences.

A series of shop windows in Paris, are collected for the always different blurred effect of the glass. What they usually show its hides inside.
The photos are collected one by one with the streets, to create a little jorney on streets of an hidden Paris.

Edicola Radetzky, made of four windows that are facing the streets was the perfect location to interpretate the Blowindows research in Paris. Differently from Paris, however, the accumulated objects are not for sale but reflect a personal experience.

The glass is blurred as if by the breath of a person living inside, reconstructing a vanished intimacy now displayed for everyone to see.

The objects appear and disappear throw the shadows and the surrounding light of the city.
A pink light connected to my room in Berlin will pervade the space whenever I need it.