Milano, 2017-2020

Screenshots of porn videos taken by Tumblr are reflected here to cancel the immediate perception to circumvent the censorship on various social media. Playing with the multiplication of an element as a means of its cancellation creates kaleidoscopes of shapes and colors, on the borderline between pornography and decoration.

A sublime look through the delightful horror of the social networks.

Installation view, A-I-R Project FuturDome, Open Studio Art Residency
Milan, 2020

The limit between pornography and decoration reaches its limit on A4 sheets of paper that cover the wall of a bathroom. sheets like ceramic tiles repeat the kaleidoscope game until the space is lost. 

Inside it another psychosomatic pain, that of bruxism this time. where the jaw made of chewing gum is chewed alone in an infinite cycle. the paper therefore invites to a pause, to a relaxation of the muscles that from contracts loosen and melt each other on the 4 walls.

The video is a craving for decontextualization: from body, sense, meaning.
Now that our world seems made up of information fragments, headlines, tweets, posts, this aesthetic has become more potent than ever. Lapping up morsels, we lose sight of the whole. Perception is broken to pieces. A shattered,
non-whole art becomes a poetic equivalent for our contemporary relationship with volumes of dubious information, none of which ever seems complete, or true.

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