SOFFITTI SCONOSCIUTI (Unfamiliar Ceilings)

Milan, 2018

A series of ceilings  photographed everytime I  woke up in an unfamiliar bed. Every single photo is catalogued with date, time and place. Together they become a photo album of  friends, family, lovers and strangers even though their bodies are not present.

The ceiling is here the main protagonist who silently observes the exchange of bodies and their disappearance.

Family, friends, lovers and strangers are collected in a photo-album even though their bodies are not present, but only their disappearance silently observed by the ceilings, catalogued with date, time and place.

The point of view of the photos, originally horizontal, is reversed in an upright position thanks to the suspension of the pillows positioned in the approximate distance between the bed and the ceiling.  

A transparent fabric encloses the installation into a suspended bedroom while the viewers, who pass by, disappear as the bodies in the observed mattresses.

Unknown ceilings.

Indiscreet eyes of our sleep,
a silent voyeurism,
a blushing plaster of our motion,
too malicious sometimes,
too innocent at others.

A mute observer of the slow fading
of two bodies.