Curated by Atto Belloli Ardessi and Ginevra Bria
Milan, May - July 2018

“FuturDome introduces Rose Overdose, the first solo show by Marco Siciliano.
Without censorship he refines the inconsistencies of eroticism and shapes the variable, altered surfaces of obscenity. From the collage pinned to the one applied, from the kaleidoscopic projection to the dental cast of a key character, Marco Siciliano  interprets some nuances of the grotesque giving us the image of a discontinuous, transparent skin. Within a total body re-materialized, a representative territory that makes man a figure of study, of approach without repulsions, nudity acquires the right of reply. And the physicality extends below the irreverence, through the tights, in the opacity of incoherence and in striving for a permanent state of grace.”

                                        Ginevra Bria - Curator

photo by Claudia Cucca