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from L’arte di Scomparire - Pierre Zaoui (2015)

Page 22, Page 113, Page 7, Page /, Page 350
Udk, Rungang Class Bonvicini Berlin, 2022
Curated by Monica Bonvicini

The presence of objects that usually are inserted in a book emerges within the watermarks technique on handmade paper pages. Notes, bookmarks, dog ears, dried flowers, and different objects create an archive of gestures that blend with the content of the chosen page.

Intimate marks give personality and memory to those mass-produced items, that are now made unique. The watermark elements — hiding between the fibers of the paper — inhabit a third landscape: the space of the unspoken between printed words, where our underlining and comments accumulate: ‘the text instructs, the reader constructs.’

Page 113
from Hidden Dimension - Edward T. Hall (1966)

Page 7
from The Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge - Rainer Maria Rilke (1910)

Page 22
from Histoire de l’œil - Georges Bataille (1928)

Page 350
from Orlando Furioso - Ludovico Ariosto (1516)

Installation view, Rungang UDK, Berlin, 2022