1:27min - PERSONA . Video Performace

Milan, 2017

The body as a place of psychological disturbance, forced to endure the transformation from person to image.
Society implodes within the human body through a series of symptomatic delusions that reveal a body that is occupied and deprived of itself.

The video investigates how the appearance of a body is actually the physical representation of the psychosomatic pain that is hidden inside, a sort of mask placed on the face that hides oneself with oneself.

The face is thus projected onto the same face, a overlapping of self that matches and differs, the two faces fight in a contrasting and furious appearance.
The features become blurred, projection and reality mix, making objective reality disappear. Who is moving? Who is looking at us? The eyes are the mirror of a soul that no longer recognises itself.

Throughout the video the body performs jaw exercises to cure bruxism, a cure for the body and not the psyche, a physical remedy for a psychic problem.

Performer: Giulia Ursino