Paris, 2016

4 Rue payenne

As breath mists a glass too close to our gaze, so opalescent windows conceal their contents. The eye is lost in the paradoxical enjoyment of not focusing, observing an incognito action, a momentary disappearance of simulated presences.
Each blurred window is mapped with its street; an itinerary between reflections and opalescences of hidden presences in Paris.

12 Av. Edward Tuck

54 Rue de la Tombe Issoire

42 rue Veron

7 Bd. de MEnilmontan

11 Rue de Christiani

32 Rue Marcadet

3 AllEe Jacques BEnigne Bousset

1 Rue du Dragon

8 Rue Boucher

37 Quai Branly

11 Quai Branly

17 Rue Lepic

12 Rue du Renard

3 rue de Moussy

4 rue de la manutention

77 Rue de Varenne