Milan, 2017-2021

The thickness of tights surrounding and wrapping up a woman’s body; its color and trasparency create a second skin that acts as a protection of a body which is torn, ripped and then resewn.

Photos of bodies on transparent paper are put underneath the body, together with skeletons sewn with silver thread, mirroring films compose faceless bodies or figures ruined by the weft in nylon thread.

A surface conveying the vulnerability of proxemics, the inability to reach the optimal distance between two bodies for the purpose of communicating and not hurting one another.

We can at times detect the ghost of text behind layered sheets or nylon filters. In their intimate scale and materiality, each work is a remnant of handling, reading, flipping pages, and forgetting. As these images decay, they refer to the body that made them, as well as the diminished grand narratives they distantly evoke.