5:20 H . FuturDome
Milan, 2020
5:20 H, is a journey into the naked exhibition spaces of FuturDome, where the artist's body begins to identify with the architectural space and modifies itself together with it as the changing light inside.

An empty room with a window that projects, thanks to a fiery red film, rectangles walking on the walls and floor. Their perfect geometry is broken by skeletons of objects and by a naked body dressed only in reflected light.Sitting in the shadow of a table, protected under a bed, the figure tries to simulate a daily routine as if the room were filled with objects.

Room and body unite in the darkness of red, and on the pages of a book, designed, printed and hand-bound inside the explored building. Architectural elements collide with gauze for a sick body like the shine of a red sheet of paper against a rough paper to touch lightly.

17, 5x 24 x 1,3 cm
Uncoated white paper laser printed, black heavy cardboard, red relief print, mesh bandage.