Milan, 2019

14 x 22 x 0,7 cm (with cover)
White paper laser printed, a plaster, transparent plastic cover.
"Filo refe" hand-bound with silver wire.

»Your tail will then disappear, and shrink up into what mankind calls legs, and you will feel great pain, as if a sword were passing through you.

You will still have the same floating gracefulness of movement; but at every step you take it will feel as if you were treading upon sharp knives, and that the blood must flow.

If you will bear all this, I will help you.»

The Little Mermaid -
Hans Christian Andersen

A collection of plasters founds on the floor,  streets and subway of Milan, thrown away and forgotten, at the mercy of the people who steps over them.  A catalog with the date and the streets where was found it.

The series goes with a passage from the fairy tale The little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen to recreate the Little Mermaid’s painful pursuit of a desperate love.