18 Square Meters
Video performance
Tempelhof Feld, Berlin, 2020

18 square meters, the dimensions of a room in Berlin, are marked on the asphalt of one of the launch ramps of the former Tempelhof airport, now a public park.
In this video performance, taking place during the first COVID lockdown, the private invade the public space while losing its hidden intimacy; the two opposite realms blend into one. As the room is created, it disperses.

Information, news, data, and fears take possession of those eighteen square meters like the white space between the letters of a text.
The pages attached to the ground are leafed through and read by the wind while a body, or what remains of it, takes away its words, objects, and coordinates.

ddiiissssAPPEAARRiinnngggExhibition at FeldFünf, Berlin, 2023
AIR ProjectArt residency at FuturDome, Milan, 2021