Milan, 2017

Eat this gum and enter my body.

Unwrapped, it starts to cover the fingers, a sticky pink color blending with the fleshy pink of the skin.

Hard to bite, it gets softer and softer with the body heat, mixing up in your mouth as well as in your mind.

The jaw activates as a rhyming couplet poem, where the bones go up and down in an exhausting loop.

It sinks into the body, digests its juice; they’re so sweet you get sick, but you can’t help it as in a hurtful relationship.


The sickening smell creeps into your nose, memories arise in pink shades until you spit the gum out.

A bright pink star into the gray sky of the pavement.
The gum, abandoned while still warm and covered in saliva, becomes a naked corpse vulnerable to the outside world.

Pink is a sad color, a color who can’t wait to be stepped on. Only in this way, even if it’s through the sole of a shoe, it will be in touch with someone.