April - June 2019, Milan

“The central role of the body in Siciliano’s practice is best understood through the bodies populating representational and fictional worlds.  As his architectural structures become sparser, a clearly defined protagonist disappears while his body’s presence continues to be felt through spacing, punctuation, light, and sound.
Siciliano wants to give silence a voice. This desire arises from the observer’s distrust of language’s ability to express the complexity of existence. In his last projects constructed in his live-in studio, Siciliano is attempting to give nothingness a form.
Beyond providing a place to exhibit work, the enclosure forms an abstract gesture that brings to mind Siciliano’s collages where each cut and hole was heavy with intent.
His processing is a blank slate filled with possibility, not in the sense of its obvious emptiness but in its reference to the page, the non-white-cube gallery, and as a self-consciously, even pathologically empty space within the artist’s home.

Many of Siciliano’s representational drawings move toward the fragmentation, or in some cases, eradication of the image (Persona, 2017) that can be interpreted as a contraction. His recent corporeal works are not freed from the restrictions of representation but weighted with the possible meanings of its absence.

Collages and painting and photo series produce clues to a puzzle that cannot be solved except through inference and imagining. Because Siciliano so often focuses fetishistically only on the parts of things, images bear a familiarity that can’t quite be named, like a word on the tip of one’s tongue. At other times objects as matrasses or plasters are presented whole in themselves, but only when they seem to tell part of his story. These objects might be a frayed piece of yarn, an unidentifiable mass that has been painstakingly rendered yet still remains a mystery.

In their isolation these images become a sort of abstraction. Together, they propose possible narratives that can change or simply disappear with the rearrangement of a few images. His way of constructing lessness illustrates our propensity to find connection and meaning even in the most unrelated of elements. Though Siciliano makes the most exacting decisions in the crafting of each individual piece, the process of putting them together can be an act of discovery even for the artist. Here, every decision, however small, can change the meaning of an entire work.”

                                            Ginevra Bria - Curator