Site-specific sculpture (420x310x150 mm)
Berlin, 2023
The sculpture stands on the threshold between public and private. The doormat, with its 'welcome' inscription imprinted on 231 chewed chewing gums, invites to enter into communication with a body locked in its psychosomatic pain.
Bruxism -an unspoken stress that silences and distances the body- is crystallised in chewed gums. Its bright pink colour and sweet strawberry smell conceal within it a request for proximity and closeness.

‘Welcome' invites the audience to bridge this distance and confront someone else pain that disfigures and disgusts.
The site-specific sculpture is completed with the participation of the public, which is allowed to observe and step on the sculpture like a normal doormat at the entrance to the space.

HalbHaus - GalleryWeekend, Berlin, 2023
Curated by Philipp Lange